We handle all insurance claims. Southern Pride is a licensed home builder which means we cover everything inside and outside your house. One call does it all.

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Here is how Southern Pride Roofing and Construction does business:

Step 1: A thorough inspection of the home and property will be done so that all storm related damages are identified.

Step 2: Now that we’ve identified the damages we will work with the insurance adjustor to make sure that he is aware and pays for the damages found. We will make sure that the adjustor agrees with our first inspection findings and agrees to pay for those damages found.

Step 3: Now that we have agreed on damage findings and terms with the insurance company, now Southern Pride Roofing and Construction goes to work on the repairs for your home.

Step 4: Payment process: Insurance company will forward first payment to the home owner. First payment may not be made to the homeowner alone. It might be attached to the home owner and the mortgage. Either way it is no problem.

If you have a mortgage company and the check is made payable to you and your mortgage company, Southern Pride Roofing and Construction has all required documentation to process the claim through the mortgage company and can do this for you or provide you what you need to do it on your own.

Step 5: Once all is complete, Southern Pride Roofing and Construction will bill the insurance company for all depreciation and any holdbacks at which point you receive the final payment, SPR will collect on all work completed.

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